Eat and drink

At Fundo Laguna Blanca we attach great importance to natural, fresh and healthy food. We make many products of food ourselves, such as bread, fish from the lagoon, meat from our exclusively grass-eating cows and sheep, jam, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream and quark. The milk comes at the moment from Lichy, our dear dairy cow. In spring we will have many vegetables and fruits from our greenhouse. And in autumn, of course, the unique piñones, the araucaria nuts.

Our guests receive a large German breakfast each morning, which is included in the price. Except for Casa Montaña, where the guests can take care of themselves.

Overall, we offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and cake as well as various small German and international dishes. For excursions, we prepare lunch packets. In the summer you can buy drinks and snacks at the kiosk on the lagoon. Speaking of drinks: Here we prefer freshly pressed fruit juices, various types of teas from the Fundo, for example healthy yarrow tea, and of course the clear spring water, Agua Laguna Blanca.

Lunch and / or dinner includes:

homemade bread with butter or other spreads

A starter (soup or salads)

A main course (meat, fish, pasta, casseroles, etc.)

A dessert (fruits, cakes, creams, puddings etc.)

A (black) tea or (simple) coffee to the end

which we prepare individually and freshly for our guests



Half pension                                                                Full pension

$14.000.- Pesos                                                                           $28.000.- Pesos



The Chilean “ONCE” consists of

Coffee or tea, bread and butter, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado,
Eggs, sausage and cheese, cakes etc., which we can according to your request
our guests.

$ 10.000 Pesos


The small dishes are

Salads of the season, soup, bread, delicious lard for example or a bacon plate, bratwurst, pancakes and many other treats from all countries. Our guests are always welcome. And we also can
vegetarians and vegans

And we organize for you romantic picnics in the forest, a rustic lunch on the lagoon, barbecues at the camp fire, Candlelight Dinner or also a
birthday dinner in the tree house
Almost everything is possible – there are no limits to your and our ideas.

So then: Good appetite!

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