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Hola Friends,


Today, we are making our news a bit different
and let Hans, our rooster, tell everything that is new
in terms of Choice4Change and our Chile project Fundo Laguna Blanca.
Have fun, say Beate, Hajo and Marco Bentzien.
P.S .: Also watch our updated program


Kikeriki or better: Good Day!


I’m Hans, the rooster of the walk of Fundo Laguna Blanca.
I’m going to tell you what you can experience here!

Of course you can also watch everything in our updated program on

Well, first of all, we’ve widely expanded our Lodge,
all rooms have got a bath, we’ve got new terraces;
and two rooms have become much bigger,
So from now we can call ourselves a comfort lodge!
I determine as Hans the rooster.



The new enlarged double room!


Room with terrace and view on Tolhuaca!


Also, who wants to meet with others, think here
about his future, improve his communication, question his concept
with the nature trainer, you can do it under a well protected roof!


Yes, of course the Europeans should now book for the summer,
which is starting for us in these days and will be followed
by the beautiful autumn in March/April 2019.

During this time one can learn a lot from the horses, e.g. at the
“Horse as a Mirror of the Soul” program.
But needless to say, there are other many things one can do:

Day rides or multi-day rides, hiking and mountaineering,
just a casual holiday with meditation on the lagoon, in the natural forest
or comfortable on the terrace, always in the middle of nature and with the

special view of the three volcanoes. This gives one energy!


                                                                          Tolhuaca                                   Lonquimay                                   LLaima


Our program: The Horse as a Mirror of the Soul!


Spending your holiday in the sun!


Would you like to jump in as well, or just enjoy the good results?


So, for today this will be it, now you have to book your voyage. 
If I can be in assistance in any terms, feel free to ask.
Your Hans the rooster!
My greetings will be strident.


Last but not least, this is Beate, Hajo and Marco speaking.
We are looking forward to you.





Live, learn, experience!


More than ten years, the Bentzien family and their team are dedicated
to an organic agriculture, a sustainable forestry combined with the preservation of a unique nature
and an integral tourism of special interests. The new movie “Farm & Friends” gives a first impression.
Gaelle May from Switzerland, who visited us for horseback-riding, has produced this video with great empathy for us. Thank you, Gaelle!




Health News

Interesting for Chile travellers, prices $ 220.000 p.p. or from 5 persons $ 195.000 p.p.


Spring has returned!


The climate of this year’s spring often changes here on Fundo Laguna Blanca. One day it snows and the landscape is wrapped in a white dress, three days later the sun shines at 20 ° C.
Right now, at the middle of october, the sun has finally come out, and the first green dare to grow, for example at our willows in front of the Lodge.




Spring time means Baby time

For a few weeks already, the small lamb-kindergarden has been exploring the surroundings of its stables. The two already slightly bigger ones always take care of the younger twins (photo left). They are so cute to look at, that they are even being lovingly caressed by German sheperd Lauri. Our youngest babies are, however, the calves Blanche (photo right) and Don Juan, both not older than 3 weeks. They are best friends, play and romp around on the meadow, and in the evenings they rest next to their mothers in their stables.






 Movement means staying healthy – riding and hiking tours in springtime

Imagine if you had a flight ticket to Chile for tomorrow, you would escape the approaching winter once again and could breath Chilean spring air. And what is to do best in spring – clearly – be outdoors in nature. On foot or on horseback, the landscape recently awakened by the cold can be best enjoyed. On the tours to the lagoon, you will always have a wonderful view of the three volcanoes of the region.

More information about our riding tours:


nov1 nov2


Work and Travel at Fundo Laguna Blanca

If you after realizing all activities still have the feeling to experience more, you can try the milking of the cow or split your own firewood for the chimney.
At Fundo Laguna Blanca you can now also look behind the scenes and lend your hands.  Following the motto Work and Travel, we have created several programs where you can gain fundamental insights into organic agriculture and sustainable forestry through active participation. Tasks such as feeding animals, cleaning stables, landscape gardening, wood processing and much more wait for you.
Join our farmer Marco within his working day; he can teach you something valuable for your future life. In the evening then relax at the camp fire. For more information, we are looking forward to your mail.



nov3 nov4


  New guest house and renovation of the Lodge

As the seasons change, Fundo Laguna Blanca is constantly changing. For about a month a new accommodation – Casa Montaña (see photos) – has been completed: Ideal for groups up to 8 people especially for mountaineers as a base before the ascent to the volcanoes of Tolhuaca and Lonquimay. But also for other travelers and backpackers who are traveling alone or with partners. The house has 4 bedrooms with bunk beds, a living / dining room and a shared bathroom.
We also renovated the main house of the lodge. The shared bathrooms are past, now you can look forward to a private bathroom in every room or apartment.



nov5 nov6


The  Fundo–Philosophy

Health and sustainability are key elements of our vision. On the one hand it is about reconciling the inner balance by harmonizing body, mind and soul. On the other hand, you will develop a special awareness of sustainable nature conservation and environmental protection, especially if you take the opportunity to have a look into the Fundo’s own agriculture and forestry. We produce our own healthy foods, for example mozzarella cheese, yoghurt, curd, cream and butter from the milk of our own cows, different varieties of bread, and we grow numerous vegetables in our greenhouse which we use in the lodge kitchen for our guests.




nov7 nov8



 Sabbatical at Fundo Laguna Blanca

To conciously slow down the everyday life. To have a good look at oneself and his mental, psychological and physical health, in order to be happy again. Just to take a time out and think clear, sort out feelings, or maybe even learn to feel again, because you might not have time in your stressful working day. To focus, to learn to trust his intuition and to ban pressure of one´s life. This desire probably develop more and more people around the world every day. At Fundo Laguna Blanca you will find a place full of power and at the same time tranquility to unlink yourself from your current situation for an indefinite period of time.

If you are interested in a Sabbatical at Fundo Laguna Blanca, we are looking forward to your message.





Celebrating the Chilean national holiday in a cozy atmosphere

Every year again in the week of the 18th of September Chile is a state of permanent celebration and joy, with lots of food, dances, traditional parades, shows and games like flying kites. Here on Fundo Laguna Blanca, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was cozy. The German-Chilean team, together with the guests of the Lodge, celebrated the day with barbecue, camp fire atmosphere, playing games and dancing to traditional music. Empanadas and the typical Asado chileno (with beef from the own cattle) were the culinary highlights, of course.



nov10 nov11



A powerful Team

In the tourism team, Laura and Julie take care of our guests’ well-being, with a lot of passion they conjure up great and healthy meals mainly from home-grown foods.

Beate and Franzi are in charge of the activities, especially with the help of the horses. On the one hand, one can participate in one of the interesting coachings and clases in horseback riding or practice “Centered Riding” on one of the various riding tours.
In the agriculture team, Marco and Jésus till the fields and forests and take care of the welfare of animals. Gero, newest member of team, works hard on the numerous construction and renovation works.
Hajo moves peoples´ hearts and souls in our new seminar room with his coaching and shares his knowledge and his philosophy with them. This summer, our team will be expanding by a couple of interns, to start a great summer season.






Preview in the future

Our construction team is enlarging the chicken and cattle stables at the moment, so we will soon have our own organic eggs again, just like the dairy products we offer to our guests as well as in our farm shop. Fundo Laguna Blanca continues to focus on a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, with untreated food, enough physical training and the consciously slow down of the everyday life. Beate, Hajo and Marco will expand their seminar offer in this direction. External speakers are also planned.
Last but not least, we are looking forward to the summer, where we will have a good time – hopefully together with you – hiking through the Araucaria forests, admiring the landscape on horseback or enjoying a picnic on the beach of the lagoon.







Fundo Laguna Blanca offers you new possibility of accommodation!


We present the Casa Montaña:

Casa Montana


Ideal for groups up to 8 people especially for mountaineers as accommodation base before the ascent to the volcanoes Tolhuaca and Lonquimay.
But also for travelers and backpackers who travel alone or with a partner.



The house has a common kitchen, 4 bedrooms with bunk beds and a shared bathroom.

Price: $ 43.000 per room (2 people) / day
Price is with VAT, but without breakfast in this case. If you want to have breakfast at our restaurant, receive a discount ($ 4,000 instead of $ 6,000)


Casa Montana 2


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