Holiday guests

Special holiday guests:

They come from all over the world: people who want to relax, who love nature, appreciate the peace and, on the other hand, seek adventure. But isolated, without mass tourism, exclusive, rather alone or with partners, family or friends.
People who want to climb the volcanoes, make an adventure run, canoe, fish or make a proper hike.
People who want to eat well, especially fresh and healthy food, who want to play with their children, who seek contact with animals, who want to get to know trees and other plants.
Who are interested in geology, volcanism, flora and fauna. Also for the history of the natives. They want to know how to process piñones, the nut of the Araucarias, or make cheese and butter. How to correctly saw wood or equip a greenhouse.
People looking for a conversation about all the interesting topics of the world, watching the stars, making a moonshine ride. They like to sing and dance and play, to be interested in culture and nature. Oh, there is so much you can do on Fundo Laguna Blanca. Without media, without a smartphon, without a TV, without all this irritation. But to do it yourself, to live yourself, to think for yourself.  Live, learn, experience – you can really do that here. We look forward to seeing these FRIENDS!