Ride Training & Coaching: The Horse as Mirror of Your Soul

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Beate Knust Bentzien says: “I combine communication training and ride coaching and refer to it as RIDE COACHING. Therewith I provide a very personal and exclusive experience between horse and the person, oriented to getting to know one self”.
During our coaching sessions, a relaxed and pressure-free interaction between horse and person is facilitated. It’s a very intense and private activity, which is done alone or with small groups (up to 4 person, where it is important that the group members are acquainted with each other prior to our session). Consequently, an intensive and trustworthy work environment can be created, in which all people who like horses can work to reduce their fears, blockades, back pains and even problems with the one’s organizational position. However, the provided coaching is not solely concerned with solving personal problems; one can simply enjoy the incredible feeling of being connected to the earth, while finding an inner balance and freedom! This is more than simply horseback riding.

Individual Sessions: Centered Riding

All our coaching sessions are tailored to the participants’ individual preferences. The 90-min coaching unit includes the preparation as well as the final conversation.

All of our coaching units can be customized to your individual needs and wishes. The units take up to 90 minutes and include a preliminary talk and a debriefing

Prices per unit / person
1 person CLP 48.000
2 persons CLP 34.000
3 persons CLP 25.000
4 persons CLP 20.000
Children CLP 14.000 (30 min)

My extraordinary Experience with a Horse: 4 hours

This coaching approach is developed in a personal atmosphere and it is especially suitable for beginners and people who have only had few experiences with horses. Whether alone or in a small group (max. 4 people), highly valuable theoretical and practical knowledge about horse riding is transmitted. However, our coaching sessions are not simply about horseback riding; rather they initiate a happier and healthier lifestyle. By means of interacting with the horses, the participants encounter their individual subconscious behavior and communication patterns. Being aware of such hidden mechanisms, participants are enabled to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. This program lasts about 4 hours.

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  • Introductory conversation
  • To the horse: Cleaning, saddling, combing – how does it work exactly?
  • Exercise: The horse as a mirror of the behaviour
  • Introduction to Centered Riding
  • Trail Ride throughout the forest
  • Relaxation and getting off the horse
  • Conversation about the experience

Prices per person
1 person CLP 90.000
2 persons CLP 80.000
3 persons CLP 60.000
4 persons CLP 50.000

Workshop: The Horse as a Mirror of  Your Soul

The core competencies of a person do not rest in his professional performance; rather it is enrooted in the ability to interact with other humans. In order for a person to reach his/her full potential, it is essential to be capable to communicate with others. By means of the coaching session “The horse as a mirror of our soul”, Fundo Laguna Blanca offers a very special training opportunity for people who are willing to become successful in all aspects of their lives. The horse, as an incorruptible training partner, diminishes the manipulation bias and provides immediate feedback about one’s own image, energy and ability to convince.

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  • Theoretical introduction
  • Vital training
  • First contact with the horse in the round pen
  • Conversation
  • Lunch break
  • Vital training
  • From body language to direct contact
  • Find balance. Let go. Commit.
  • Round of evaluations
  • Handing-over certificate of participation

PRICE: CLP 78.000
per person including lunch and refreshments. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons.

Communication Training: Management and Horse

Successful communication with a training partner that cannot be manipulated.
The basic knowledge of managers is not in their rational action. It is in the ability to lead people – and to that counts above all the right treatment with people. With “Management and Horse” Fundo Laguna Blanca offers a very special training option for managers who really want to be successful in a holistic way: The horse as training partner that cannot be manipulated, that gives an immediate feedback of the own image, energy and ability to convince. Communication without words.

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For managers it is not only important what they say – but above all how they say it. Management and Horse is for highly effective learning on an emotional and vital level, as: The training partner does not understand rational arguments. Every participant, alone with the horse, can practically try if his own effect really is the one he deserves.

Hajo Bentzien and Beate Knust-Bentzien work with you on one day or on two consecutive days. You not only receive a lot of information – but above all the possibility to practice it all. During the resuming blocks you convert the experienced directly to your daily life in your company – that way nothing gets lost and leads to a change just on the other day. Detailed procedures, timetables and other facts we would like to discuss with you in a preliminary conversation and then present you an individual offer.

Detailed itineraries, time schedules and details are created in communication with you beforehand – we will give you an individual offer.