Enjoy the spectacular landscape on our German and Chilean horses while surrounded by volcanos, our lagoon and natural forest, get to know the basics of “Centered Riding” and “The Horse as a Mirrror of your Soal” – a unique experience with horses and the encounter with yourself, offered by coach Beate Knust-Bentzien at Fundo Laguna Blanca near Curacautín. Regarding all our adventure trail rides, we are more than happy to take your personal preferences into account. It does not matter whether you would like to spend one or two hours, half a day or an entire day on our horses backs, everything is possible.

Preferable, we would like to ask you to inform us one day in advance. However, if you wish to book a trail ride longer than one day, we would appreciate a few days notice. This time is needed for proper planning. Imperatives for all our trail rides: All prices are to be paid on a per person basis and refer to group lessons (2 to 4 persons). Prices for individual sessions vary accordingly, but usually you pay 50 % more.

Alterations to all our programs are possible and personal preferences, regarding duration and sights are gladly taken into account. Additionally, we can arrange for your hotel pick-up. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.