“If you want to temporarily get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, looking for peace and relaxation and sometimes want to live without the permanently demanding media, then you are right here with us,” says Marco Bentzien right from the start to everybody who wants to hear it. Quite deliberately, the Fundo does without television, there is no free Wi-Fi offer, and in the restaurant you are asked to leave the cell phones at the entrance or in the room. “We want people to really enjoy the food and talk to each other. And we do not need all this exposure to radiation,” says Marco.

He further clarifies to his employees and interns: “Only those who have a special connection to nature and want to learn from it, who do not slavishly differentiate between work and free time, but actually always live and enjoy what they are doing, are right here”.


The same can be said to the guests who would like to come to Fundo Laguna Blanca.

First of all, what you find here is calm, relaxation and disconnection from everyday life, stress and exaggerated activism. Decelerate, then downshift, and then slowly deal with yourself to be able to consciously enjoy the nature and then to choose with calmness and care, the activities offered by the Fundo. To have a good night sleep, to enjoy healthy and delicious food, to sit by the campfire in the evening and watch the stars, to have really interesting conversations and not just small talk, do something for yourself, your partner, your family, for finally return relaxed and fresh and maybe with completely new ideas to your everyday life.

Health and sustainability are central elements of our vision. On the one hand, it is about finding the inner balance with the harmonization of body, mind and soul. On the other hand, one will develop a special awareness of sustainable nature and environmental protection, especially if one seizes the opportunity to sniff into the Fundo’s own forestry and agriculture. There, many products are also made for home use, such as healthy foods that enrich the Lodge kitchen.


And these are the key words that are of central importance to the Fundo Laguna Blanca team:


  • Living in nature, living with nature, living in the rhythm of nature
  • Only take what you can give back – sustainability
  • Conserve, preserve and care for nature
  • Live together, learn, experience
  • Personal development, promoting personal growth
  • Living in the moment – in the here and now (see El Momento)
  • Quality before quantity
  • Love for the detail
  • A meeting place: people with people, people with animals, nature with culture
  • Expand the horizon, think outside the box
  • Balance for body, mind and soul: that means rational, emotional, vital
  • With a healthy food physical exercise and mental challenge