It was never the goal to develop Fundo Laguna Blanca all by ourselfs. We have always wanted support from and exchange with partners. We learned a lot during those first years. Especially that everything is a little slower than we thought at the beginning, but also with more quality.

In any case, we already have some suitable partners who really deserve the word FRIENDS. They support the Fundo a lot, some of whom even live here, whose investments are implemented step by step by the core team.

We are very open to other partners, regardless of whether they come with their own business idea, which can be integrated into the overall project, or whether they want to participate as a co-shareholder in the overall company Weltgrund AG, Switzerland. For a certain amount of investment they can get an additional dividend in form of a usage right of a Chalet (see
Again, questions are free – just write your thoughts to beate@bentzien.netor We’ll get in touch and listen first. Everything else personally!