Guided Hiking

The agricultural valley with the Lodge is the ideal starting point for different hikes and volcano ascents. Within the Fundo, there are many different interesting landscapes and even a so-called “Geositio” of the Geopark Kütralcura. During our guided hikes to spectacular viewpoints you will learn a lot about the local flora and fauna, about the indigenous population, the geology and the history of the volcanoes.

Trekking to Laguna Blanca

14 kilometers of low complexity trekking (back and forth) throughout native forests of Coigüe, Roble and Araucarias while admiring the Tolhuaca, Llaima and Lonquimay volcanoes. Once at the Lagoon, you can enjoy different beaches, kayaking or simply relax. This trekking lasts around 8 hours (including stops), lunch is included. A translator (from Spanish to English or German) is available at additional cost.

Persons Price p.p.
1 CLP 55.500
2 – 4 CLP 37.000
5 – 7 CLP 28.000
8 – 10 CLP 26.000

Trekking to “Vista Tres Volcanes” Plateau

Crossing forests of enormous Coigües and Araucarias, we reach the Condor Canyon, where we have a direct view to the Tolhuaca volcano and, if we are lucky, maybe we will find some Condors flying over our heads. 12 kilometers in total of low-medium complexity, in an approximated time of 7 hours, including 5 stops.
Including a picnic-lunch at the Condor Canyon. A translator (from Spanish to English or German) is available at additional cost.

Persons Price p.p.
1 CLP 45.000
2 – 4 CLP 30.000
5 – 7 CLP 22.000
8 – 10 CLP 20.000

Crossing the Lagoon without getting wet

How wonderful it is to enjoy the beautiful variety of colors nature has to offer, while admiring volcanoes, the Laguna and Araucarias forests! During these seasons, the lagoon reaches its lowest water level, making it easy to cross it by foot to reach the Tolhuaca volcano.

View itinerary

  • Welcoming Tea
  • Relaxation and warming up exercises in front of the Lagoon
  • Crossing the Lagoon
  • Picnic at Tolhuacas feet
  • Walk through the volcanic valley
  • Heading back to base station
  • Farewell drink

CLP 54.000
per person for groups of 2 – 8 persons including picnic.

Individual Hiking and Mountaineering

Additionally to these offers there are many more possibilities to go hiking around the volcanoes Tolhuaca and Lonquimay and on the Fundo Laguna Blanca – from one hour up to several days. Please ask us for more information! We try to regard all your wishes. You can for example explore the lava streams and Araucaria forests, walk through the moon-landscape of the volcanic valley or even climb one of the adjacent volcanoes.

Prices upon request
We are happy to create an individual offer for you.