Events at the Fundo


For interested guests, there is the Fundo tour with us. Marco Bentzien takes you to all animals, to the stables, to the fields and explains how ecologic and sustainable agriculture and forestry works.
Here you can see how Lichi, our most faithful dairy cow, is milked, and more recently also Doris and Equivocada , how the new calves develop, what the sheep are doing, how the lambs are jumping around, how the Araucanian chickens in their luxury stalls are greenish-lay blue eggs, as the cats watch in all this and keep the mice away. You can stroke the dogs, most of them Labradores, and look forward that they accompany you on your riding and trekking tours. And then of course the horses … but we present them in their own chapter.
Adults pay $ 10,000 for the tour, children half.
If you want to help with the feeding, stable or field work, then you are welcome.
Also special programs for driving cows or sheep are offered now and then.
Just ask!
Once a year, usually at the end of March, our harvest festival takes place, a German tradition adapted to life in the mountains of Chile.