A dream with horses – 5 days / 6 nights

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Valle Volcanico

What you can expect

We offer an interesting and intensive combination of three elements of our special work with horses:

1. Centered Riding / Ride Coaching: Horseback riding at Fundo Laguna Blanca is not simply about mounting a horse, rather it aims at building a positive relationship between horse and horsemen. Our guests take care of the horses themselves. Prior to the trail ride, horses need to be groomed, saddled and snaffled. In addition, participants are provided with an introduction to centered riding. This approach emphasizes on a relaxed handling of the horses and an awareness of one’s own coordination, as well as a secure feeling while riding. In this context, faulty applied strength and rigidity are substituted with the energy of the body. The joy of this new experience already becomes apparent during the first trailed ride – this does not only concern the horseman, but both parties equally.

2. Workshop “The Horse as Mirror of the Soul”: The core competencies of a person do not lie in his professional performance. Rather it is enrooted in the ability to interact with other humans. In order for a person to reach his/her full potential, it is essential to be capable on a personal level. By means of the coaching session “The horse as mirror of our soul”, Fundo Laguna Blanca offers a very special training opportunity. It is especially useful for people aiming at a successful career. The horse, as an incorruptible training partner, diminishes the manipulation bias and provides immediate feedback about one’s own image, energy and ability to convince.

3. Adventure Trail Riding in the untouched landscapes of our Fundo, in the region and in the Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello/Nalcas. Enjoy spectacular volcanoes, lagoons and unspoiled forests on German or Chilean horses, practice basic concepts of Centered Riding, which will be learned at the first day.

This unique experience of riding is offered by coach Beate Knust-Bentzien and her team to the visitors of Fundo Laguna Blanca near Curacautín.
Pferde Lagune

The Program

The participants arrive in the late afternoon (transfer from Temuco on demand). Welcome. Check-in, informative chat, dinner and accommodation in the Lodge.

First day:

After a rich German Breakfast we start with the workshop “The horse as Mirror of the Soul”. After that we present and choose the horses. Lunch. Then we give technical information that is an introduction of Centered Riding and a few exercises for relaxation. After that we make a first ride into the network of paths in the lower areas of the Fundo including first views on volcanoes. After dinner we share experiences of the first day around a campfire. Accommodation in the Lodge.

Second day:

Today we make the first ride to the lagoon. Our way leads us through various landscapes – real natural forests, areas of lava and plateaus – until we reach the lagoon at the bottom of the Tolhuaca. There we have lunch either at the beach or in the shadow of Araucaria – trees. Then we have time to rest, to swim in the crystal-clear water of the lagoon, try canoeing or just enjoy the tranquility and peace of this pure and unspoiled nature. In the afternoon we ride back into the valley crossing woods of Araucarias. Then we have dinner, accommodation in the Lodge.

Third day:

After breakfast we ride towards a different part of the Fundo the plateau Los Pinos. From the alpine meadows in the middle part we climb up to 1.600 meters, into woods with huge Coihues and Araucarias until we reach a place to rest and to have lunch. Then we make a short excursion by foot to breathtaking viewpoint. On our way back we pass the canyon of the condor, where we might see one of these exceptional and impressing animals. Especially on the way back we have marvelous views on several volcanoes: Tolhuaca, Lonquimay and LLaima. The ride takes approximately 7 hours and starts at 10 am. Dinner and accommodation is in the Lodge.

Fourth day:

Today we have one day off to relax and have time to do other activities, breakfast and dinner is in the Lodge.

Fifth day:

The final highlight of the program is the ride to the volcanic valley, but first of all our way leads us to a special viewpoint `Laguna Blanca` with fantastic views over the lagoon and the Tolhuaca, then we arrive at the beautiful volcanic valley , where the landscape looks very different almost like on the moon. We can see the different layers of lava which were formed thousands of years ago. We cross the valley and arrive at waterfalls of the Tolhuaca, where we make a little refreshing break to rest. After that we surround another small lagoon, the Laguna de Pájaros, which a large number of birds call their home. Our way leads us again to another lagoon and a viewpoint where we get some marvelous impressions of the Laguna Blanca from the other side. Then we ride back through the volcanic valley until we arrive one of the beaches of the Laguna Blanca, where we have lunch and enjoy one last time this unique place. At last we ride across the forests of Araucarías down to the base, where we have a farewell-barbecue. Departure is on the next day after breakfast.


2 persons: CLP 840.000 | 4 persons: CLP 800.000
per person including 6 nights in the Lodge Fundo Laguna Blanca and all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

We can also offer programs individually tailored to your needs. Just contact us with your wishes, and we will make you an individuall offer.
We offer this trail riding program from October until May.