“Fundo Laguna Blanca” invites its visitors to engage in a great variety of activities. Our extensive network of trails, winds its way deep through the natural forest of the Araucanía until it reaches the feet of the two volcanoes “Lonquimay” and “Tolhuaca”. Both volcanos can be ascended via the Fundo. It therefore provides a highly attractive surrounding for trekking, trail riding and extensive jeep-tours into the volcanic landscape. However, “Fundo Laguna Blanca” is not only about adventure, one can also go swimming, fishing and canoeing at the “Laguna Blanca”, or simply enjoy the peace and silence of this untouched natural environment while sunbathing at one of our several beaches. Along with the change of seasons, our portfolio of activities changes. In the winter time, we also offer snowshoe and ski trails.