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    Fundo Laguna Blanca
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Fundo Laguna Blanca is located in the south of Chile, in the “Región de la Araucanía” near Curacautín. Surrounded by the country’s most impressive National Parks, the Fundo’s 1,200 hectare offer quite an impressive natural scenery, itself. Fenced by the three volcanos, “Lonquimay”, “Tolhuaca” and “Llaima”, the premises comprise endless areas of natural forest, among others, home to the last remains of a very old and rare type of tree, the Araucaria, which is also responsible for the region’s name. Moreover, Fundo Laguna Blanca owns one of Chiles most beautiful and yet completely preserved natural highlights, the Laguna Blanca.




Fundo Laguna Blanca invites its visitors to engage in a great variety of activities. Starting from our Lodge an extensive network of trails wind their ways deep through the natural forest until it reaches Lonquimay and Tolhuaca volcanoes feet. Both volcanoes can be ascended via the Fundo. It therefore provides a highly attractive surrounding for hiking and trekking and trail riding into the volcanic landscape.  However, Fundo Laguna Blanca is not only about adventure, one can take part in classes of horseback riding- and communication- trainings with horses, go swimming, fishing and canoeing at the Laguna Blanca, or simply enjoy the peace and silence of this untouched natural environment while sun bathing at one of our several beaches. Along with the change of seasons, our portfolio of activities changes. During winter time, we also offer snowshoe and ski trails.



Health and sustainability are centerpieces of our vision. The former emphasizes a strengthening of body, mind and soul, thereby fostering a state of inner harmony and balance. The latter aims at creating awareness for environmental issues and underlines the importance of nature conservation, by means of enabling our visitors to experience our sustainable agriculture and forestry. Here at Fundo Laguna Blanca various products are produced for personal use, for example healthy foods, which enrich the culinary variety of the Lodge kitchen.